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Baby Clothing Wholesaler Brands

For many mothers, purchasing their baby clothing is not exactly a dream come true. Just like they are with their own clothes and items, some mothers are concerned about the name that is sewn into the tag when it comes to the apparel they purchase for their babies. But now these women are in luck because many baby clothing wholesalers are starting to carry name brands at low wholesale prices. Mothers concerned with labels can stop worrying and save a little bit of cash. Here are just a few of the most popular brands that you might find for wholesale prices at these merchants.

Upscale name brand clothing for babies usually carry some of the most stylish looks for all ages, whether they be toddlers or even younger. These brands are very popular for both children and adults, and make signature looks with preppy, yet stylish clothes. But just like with adult clothes, designer brands can get a little pricey. Luckily, more and more name brand items are being sold wholesale. Consequently, this brand is becoming more affordable and easy to find for all mothers who want their little ones to wear great looking clothes.

Some popular name brand companies only make clothes for children, so finding them can be a little more difficult, unless you walk into a store marketed strictly for children. But the great thing about companies that specialize solely in making children's clothing, and only market towards babies and young children, most of these specialty clothing stores are recognizable by name, and have their own baby clothing wholesaler.

Servicing only young children's clothing needs, These name brand companies create classic looks that are both stylish and unique. These high-end clothing companies are often only found within their own stores, so it is difficult to find these clothes unldss the company has a shop in close proximity to your living area. Sometimes, these companies are its own infant-wear wholesaler, so if you are on a tight budget or just like a great deal, one of these stores will have everything you need. Their reasonable prices are made even better with wholesale pricing, allowing you to get all of your child's needs for as low as half the price.

Are you a mother who finds herself concerned with the labels and logos regarding the clothing you purchase for your child? These manufacturers provide these top brand names wholesale to either their own store outlets or to infant-wear discounters. You can satisfy your need for great deals and save money. There are many other great brands available too. Check with your local baby boutiques to find out more about wholesale clothing, accessories, and toys.

Best Brands in Baby Clothing

Good baby cloth brands not only ensure brand recall, but they also immediately tell you that these clothes have been made under rigorous quality standards, and you can be sure that their snaps won't come off when the baby is tugging on them. Best brands ensure not just quality, but also your peace of mind. In the next few paragraphs we discuss some of the best brands in baby apparel.

You can buy baby clothes like pajamas, one-piece outfits, undershirts, caps and one sun hat, socks, crib shoes and other special outfits from the brands menthoned below. Winter apparel like sweaters and jackets are also available with almost all of these brands.

Designer Baby Clothing

Babybam is a line of organic clothing that has been worn by many celebrity babies. Babybam clothes are made out of bamboo fiber, which is as fine as silk, and one of the more environmentally safe products. Estella is another popular designer baby clothes brand, which is available both online and offline. Carriage Boutique and Feltman Brothers are some other costlier but famous baby apparel brands.

As a parent, you are the one to decide what type of brand you want to use for your baby. Is it worthwhile to go with Ralph Lauren for a $40 pajama which will become obsolete, because of the growth of the baby, in 6 months? We leave you to decide on that - meanwhile we present below some brands which will not cost a year of college education to clothe your infant in, but which still are the best in business.

Best Brands in Baby Clothing

    Anavini has a wide collection of hand smocked babies apparel and dresses. It also provides a line of matching brothers and sister's outfits. So if you get the urge to dress your kids in the same colors and dresses, you can get matching dresses for them.
    Though on the pricier side, Baby Bjorn is another popular brand of baby apparel. Apart from baby apparel, they also keep other kids products that you can get for the baby.
    Appaman is another popular brand - they label themselves as clothes with "street cred". We are not sure how much street cred you want to give your 4 month old, but if you are so inclined, as part of parenting fun, you can have a look at them.
    Carter's is one of the largest manufacturers of children's apparel in the US. They also own OshKosh B'Gosh. Their clothes are also available with Baby Clothes USA. Carter's brand pajamas are known for their quality at a reasonable price.
    Baby Einstein was started and designed by a mom who wanted to expose her babies to arts at an early age; these clothes are colorful, comfortable and fun.
    Gymboree is another popular brand of kids apparel. Apart from their online store at, they have more than 630 retail stores across the US and Canada.

You can get all these brands at their websites, or at online retailers. The advantage of online retailers is they keep many brands at one place, so it is easier to compare and checkout different types of clothes and products. Many of them also give discounts over the sale price of the clothing, specially in the holiday season. website offers best deals in baby clothes for baby boys and baby girls. Offering a wide variety of choice in baby, kids and toddler's clothing, the site also offers a lot of discount on these items.

Apart from baby products, it also offers tips on baby clothing, organic clothes for toddlers and discount coupons. It also has a blog where you can read about the latest trends and news in baby clothing.

Tired of Baby Clothes Looking Average? Try Baby Clothing Stores

When shopping for your baby clothes, don't run to a department store, stay with baby clothing stores. For the best selection and to leverage your shopping, going online is your best bet. Where else should you get your baby hoodies, baby scarves, baby mittens or baby hats but the internet?
Let's be honest, form and function never met any closer than when it came to dressing up your newborn. You don't want your child getting too cold, especially during the freezing temperatures of Jack Frost's winter, but does that mean you have to dress your child in a tacky pastel parka? Do babies have to look like they all shop at Pastels 'R' Us?
In short, no. You can find fashion to suit your tastes by shopping online, and find cashmere or fleece hats that will make a statement. After all, the main place children lose their body heat is through their heads - but keep your babies warm in style with designer baby hats. Even if all you want is a cute pair of baby mittens to be sure she doesn't come home freezing, you can still make a statement.
See, fashion doesn't have to be thrown out of the window when it comes to dressing your little princess in her new baby clothes, nor do you need to settle for your average baby hoodies, or cute-as-mommy baby scarves. Do you love the feel of angora sweaters? Make a statement when your daughter sports a Tammy Donhoe angora baby sweater. Can't you just picture her in it now?
Remember, all the cute baby clothes you've seen on the classiest kids were likely purchased online from high-quality baby clothing stores. You really should see what sort of cute scarves and other clothes you can find, where they're likely at the best prices. It would be nice if you could hop a plane straight for Paris or Rome, but the next-best thing would be to let your fingers and mouse do the flying. You just need to know where to look for fashion that's worthy of your time, money, and your children.

The Convenient and Hassle Free Nature Of Online Baby Clothing Stores

Top quality baby clothes are hard to find, especially if you want to buy it under a reasonable cost. Consumers are now in luck as several baby clothing stores are present to serve your needs. Specific and well known brands focus on the type of materials and sizes of their products to meet the standards of the buying public. The internet is widely considered by some aspiring and establishes brands as an extension of their stores and boutiques. Buying baby garments online is hassle free and it is very convenient, and you be spared from waiting in crowded line just to pay the cashier.

There are several websites in the net dedicated to provide consumers of the brand and style they want for their baby clothes. Some stores offer pricey brands, others would showcase discounted top end brands their inexpensive cost is perfect for the budget conscious family. Below are important tips used in shopping baby clothing online.

Selecting the right size

The most common problem in shopping via an actual shop is the lack of clothing sizes. Using the net it is much easier to find the right clothing size for your kids. Buyers are often discouraged because of the lack of existing clothes size on the local stores. Online shoppers would not experience this type of problem; in all occasions store owners make sure they met the needs of the buyers.

Quality comes first not the name

Online baby clothing stores provides plenty of assortments in clothes you could choose from. In buying clothes for your babies it is important to emphasize the quality of the product over the brand name. This is a common mistake often committed by buyers either online or in actual stores. To ensure the quality of the product you want to buy online, product reviews are made specifically to serve for that purpose. Reviews made by customers are considered sincere than of those made by sellers, who usually go after for the sales rather than revealing the negative aspects of the product.

Bargain hunt

During Christmas and yearend sales are the best to hunt for a bargain. Online Baby clothing stores like actual boutiques also drop the prices of their products during holidays. They often practice close out sale in a specific time of the year. Summer sales usually starts in the month of august, while winter sales would progress between February going to march.

Baby Clothes Stores - How to Know If They're Any Good

No parent would want their baby to get sick. Even the slightest rash, unfamiliar crying, or a small change in a baby's behavior is enough to draw concern from the loving parents. With clothes, you would want to give your baby the highest level of comfort while looking really adorable in the process. Baby clothes stores are your best friends in this department.

Unfortunately, not a lot of stores that sell baby clothes deliver in terms of quality. This is especially true for online stores, where you can't feel how soft the fabric is, can't see how too big or too small it is, or can't determine how warm it can keep your baby. If you're looking to buy clothes for babies online, you might want to look out for a few things to make sure they're the same stores you'll get your babies clothes in the future from.

Babies Only

Stores that sell baby clothes are specifically tailored (no pun intended) for babies. There are apparel stores, and there are baby apparel stores. If you see an online shop that caters exclusively for babies, then these shops probably specialize in clothes for babies and are good candidates for where you'll be shopping from.

Not Just Clothes

Online stores that sell baby clothes, baby cribs, baby accessories, and baby everything are good as well. These stores may not focus on clothes - which you need for your baby - but by offering other baby stuff as well, they are credible enough to give you the clothes to keep your little angel comfortable and look hip at the same time.


Baby clothes stores that personalize their products are clear indications that they know what they're doing. If their designs look good, then you might want to go for them. One good way of measuring how good the store is, is by looking at how wide the variety of their designs is.

Shopping in stores that sell baby clothes is a parent's way of showing love for the baby. If you want a cheaper option, however, shopping for secondhand clothes isn't something to be ashamed of. The important thing is to get your baby clothed.

Shop For Your Newborn Baby

Do you have a newborn baby at home? Finding the appropriate clothing can be challenge! After all it is vastly different shopping for babies than it is shopping for adults. The following article seeks to make things a little easier if you follow its advice.

Thrift Stores

On a budget? 2nd hand thrift stores are great places to get designer baby clothes at very good prices. In fact, you will find that stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army have huge sections of baby clothes. People cannot reuse this type of clothing and when their little one cannot fit their clothes any longer they usually send them here.

Whats more is that you can find a large selection of new, never before used clothing here. At baby showers the mother to be is given a large amount of gifts. Many of these items are clothes. Unfortunately, the people giving the gifts either do not know the sex of the baby or forgot it. Subsequently, the mother is left with a plethora of baby items, including clothing, that she cannot use. They end up on the shelves of these second hand stores. So you can get new clothes at less than 50% of the standard retail price in many cases.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are versatile. If they are light enough you can have your baby wear them in the spring and fall, and when winter time hits you can wear the long sleeve shirt underneath other clothing to create layers.

Find Clothes That Match

There is nothing cutter than a baby wearing matching clothes. I know, many parents already know this, but some do not so its worth mentioning. If you purchase a blue shirt then attempt to purchase blue pants. This extreme matching is only cute for so long so take advantage of it while you can (if teens or adults try this they look like a clown).

Spill Resistant

Babies are going to spill and mess up their clothes. Do not buying clothing and colors that will stain easily. Purchase clothing that are stain resistant and colors that can easily be washed should accidents happen.

Following these four easy steps will make life easier on you as a parent. Remember, though there are many parenting books the whole process takes time to figure out. Do not worry if you make mistakes at first. Nobody is a perfect parent.

How to Start an Online Baby Shop Cheaply

Come up with a domain name for your business. To do this, you really need to come up with a name that has an domain. There are a few tools that are useful for this, such as: (for coming up with creative names), or (for testing name availability). Once you've come up with a name you're happy with, register it with a registrar such as godaddy. Do not buy hosting however! This should cost you $8.

Create your logo and business card now. Go to and find a vector logo that you like. Also buy any other vectors that you think will be useful in the design of your website. This should cost you $20. Then go to and find a nice free font that matches your logo, for your business name. Then you'll need a designer to create some nice graphics for your business card and website using the font and vector you purchased. Most of us have a designer friend these days, but if you don't, you can find one on who can help you with this. You can then get your business cards printed for free (!) through, or you can pay to get nicer ones printed.

Now lets design your website. Do a web search for 'free css templates' and browse the various sites until you find a free template you like. Find a web designer (hopefully a friend can do this for free, or cheaply, or you can find one through and get them to integrate your logo into the template, and make the minor adjustments necessary to make the template visually suitable for a shopping cart (as most templates are designed for blogs, but can be adjusted to suit).

Next you'll need a programmer to integrate a shopping cart into your website design. Again, you may be able to find a friend to do this, or you may need to pay someone from to do this. They will need to know how you expect to receive payments. For a beginning website, your best bet is PayPal's express checkout or (preferably, if available in your country) website payments pro, as these options do not have a monthly charge, unlike most payment hosts. To do this, set up a PayPal business account, and work with your programmer to integrate the cart (they'll want an API key, and will be able to help with that).

Web hosting will depend on the programming language that the programmer used for your shopping cart. Most often, they will use PHP, in which case is a very good option. However, if they used Ruby, is a great option and has a free hosting plan which is great while your traffic is low.

Now you have a website live, you need products for it! A great place to buy items to sell is the bulk buy section of eBay, or makes buying from suppliers in china incredibly simple. Just be careful not to spend too much (eg more than $200) in any one purchase. Spread your purchases into smaller orders, so that if you get scammed on one order, it is not a huge loss. You'll need to be more patient with things like that when buying wholesale, but persistence brings success.

When your products arrive, you'll have to take photos of your items and upload them to your shopping cart so that people can see what they are buying. For this, borrow a friends digital SLR camera (we all know someone with one!) and take photos of the items against a neutral background, such as a denim jacket, or sheet. Pay attention to lighting, you want your photos to look professional. Once you have your pictures, you can create your products in your shopping cart and begin selling!

Next up, you need to do promotion. Start a Google AdWords campaign, open a stall at local marjets and sell your items and give out business cards, start a page for your business on Facebook, basically do all you can to get people to visit your site.

When the orders start coming in, get in touch with your buyers via email and be friendly, ask if they can suggest other things they wish you could sell, and try to connect with them in any way you can. This way they will be impressed by your levels of customer service and will hopefully return. And ensure you send out your products in the mail as soon as possible, with registered post so you don't have to worry about things being lost in the mail. And have fun! This could be a great way to supplement your income. Viva entrepreneurialism!

Hi, I'm Chris - I just helped my wife start her small online business. Please check it out! It's at I found the process of setting up her website quite fun, so I thought I'd share some of the tips i learned along the way. There's a contact form on her site you can use to get in touch, I'd love to help other people set up their sites too.

How Do You Know The Online Baby Shop You Buy From Is Doing The Utmost To Keep Your Details Safe

Being a parent, you always want to ensure that you're getting the best value for money possible when it comes to buying baby products for your little one.

It doesn't matter if it's for a few pounds or several hundreds of pounds, you want to make sure that you aren't paying over the odds for any products.

However, there is also a second consideration when it comes to buying products that has come about in recent years and that's ensuring that your details, if you're buying online, are kept safe and secure.

If you're a bit of a techy, it's likely that you'll know how to check that your details are being stored and processed securely, but if you haven't had the opportunity or taken the time to familiarise yourself with these principles, the following information should help you determine whether the website you're using is a safe one or not.

1. Does its URL start with "https..."? - all websites start with the same prefix of http, but websites that have taken steps to securely process your data are likely to have a 's' after this standard prefix. What this means is that the website is utilizing an encrypted 'tunnel' for information to pass between the user and the company, known technically as a secure sockets layer.

2. Is there a padlock visible on the browser itself? - the position of the padlock changes depending on the browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc) that you are using, but you can start to be at ease if you can see a padlock icon on the browser itself.

Please note, this isn't going to be on the website, but on the actual browser - if you can see one on the website, that doesn't necessarily mean that the website is secure.

3. Does the website look secure? - OK, there are people out there who clone professional looking websites and when people put their credit card details in, thinking they're going to the company, they actually go to the criminal, but generally speaking, if the website doesn't look secure, chances are it's not going to be.

Websites have developed a lot in the last 5 to 7 years and so it's easy to see if a website looks old, out-dated and generally poorly built, which can lead many people to think twice about buying from them, whether they're secure or not.

Likewise, it's becoming easy to make a website secure and so if an organization wants your business and generally wants to succeed online, they need to be taking what are now relatively simple steps to secure their online business.

Buying baby products online should be an enjoyable experience and one that doesn't involve any risk. Rather than take the chance on a website that you aren't sure about, understand this information and have a quick check around before you hand over your money, if not just to put your mind at ease.