Friday, June 22, 2012

My Experience With Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

It can be difficult for full-figured women like me (5' 6" and 300+ pounds) to find jeans that fit, flatter our shape, and don't break our budgets.

Back in the day (and by that I mean even as recently as 20 years ago) there weren't very many designers catering to full-figured women, and there were even fewer designers producing jeans for plus-size women.

Since I had a limited budget for everything including clothing, I normally shopped the cheap racks for jeans. As long as it fit, didn't cut off my circulation at the waistband and in the thighs, and didn't drag on the ground (I've got short legs) I was happy, but I was even happier if I could get away with spending $10.00-$25.00 on a pair of jeans.

Luxury Fashion With Dior Polo Shirts

Dior, also commonly known as Christian Dior is a French Company, which holds 42% stake in LVMH Moet Hennessy, the world's greatest luxury goods firm. In addition, it owns the high-fashion clothes retailer and producer Christian Dior couture. Both LVMH and Dior are chaired and controlled by the businessman Bernard Arnault. Dior designs and produces some of the world's most popular luxury ready to wear fashion accessories and men's wear.

From cutting-edge skin care to cat walk inspired and ever lasting fragrances, Dior has brought some of the most trend setting luxurious and fashionable beauty products around. It is the delightful mix of couture meets-cosmetics, which has not only allured super models, celebrities and the society but has also strengthened Dior's reputation as one of the most unabashedly classy beauty brands around the globe.

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends For Gals

When the summer months roll around, women of all ages strive to look their best when out enjoying the sun and surf! The trends for this summer in women's clothing puts an emphasis on comfort and practicality. New cool colors are in fashion this year with vibrant greens, pinks and varying shades of blue for skirts, dresses and casual wear.

Springtime is also prom time. For those young ladies who are planning what to wear for their big night out, a long formal dress made of a lightweight material such as cotton or silk is never wrong. Strapless gowns with brightly colored floral patterns are big this year among the prom-going set as are short formal dresses split up the sides. Paired with a lightly knitted shawl for the evening and a pair of Greek-styled sandals, young ladies everywhere will be turning heads as they party into the night!

Summer Fashion Trends for 2012

It is time to throw your chunky knits to the back of your wardrobe and invest in some summer friendly attire for the upcoming season. London Fashion Week has shown a lot of potential for spring-summer fashion with designer clothing. From boyfriend cuts with added femininity to clashed prints - this summer's fashion is bound to be exciting and colourful.

Style is ever-changing and with designer clothing being so versatile - is the term fashionable too ambiguous? Whether you are more of a 'dare to be different' girl or more of a laid back 'tomboy' there is undoubtedly trends for everyone. Although it was a proverbial fact that the initial influences of what defines fashion came from the designers, now it is a lot more about street style. Nevertheless, designers have created a remarkable variety of attire set for spring-summer 2012 and it is only a matter of time before these are available on the high street.

The Best Way to Market New Fashion Designers Online

Clothing is a huge business online and if done right, it can be a great success. There are many fashion designers and even graphic designers who have great clothing ideas but aren't sure how to market themselves or their ideas so they get seen by the right clientele. Some of you are even probably thinking to yourself, well I already know how to make a website and sell my clothes online. If that's the case then you are one step closer, but how long does it take for a new site to show up in searches on Google or a new blog to get followers? The answer is quite some time so why not eliminate the wait and get better results faster utilizing the right websites.

There are websites like eBay and Oodle where you can post ads to sell your clothing but you are amongst cars, furniture, artwork, toys, etc. Plus, people don't really go to these places to find the one of a kind item that is in style with the latest up and coming epic trends. There is another website called Etsy, which is one of the nicer, more functional websites to sell your items on but again the variety of products that they sell limits the appropriate visitors you're trying to attract. Then there will be those websites that strictly allow clothing ads, which gives you a better chance of getting your designer clothing seen but most of the posts are brand name products that are mass produced and sometimes even used. None of these examples are really an ideal place for an up and coming fashion superstar to start listing their clothing so there has to be another option.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lower auto insurance quotes in Florida could soon be seen

Putting this reform in a proper context is probably the first and most important thing to do. There are around 6.5 million traffic accidents every year if you look across the USA. People are injured in about half these accidents, with some 2 million having some degree of permanent disability. Overall, about 40,000 die each year. Florida is one of the twelve states (plus Puerto Rico) with a no-fault insurance scheme. In theory, this should keep costs low by avoiding disputes as to liability. Unfortunately, the reverse has happened as fraud on personal injuries has soared to record levels. As a result, the premium rates have risen far faster than inflation as the insurers passed on the cost of this fraud to policyholders. As a result, many drivers have been on the roads without adequate cover to pay for any personal injuries they might cause. Worse, the actual enforcement of the mandatory insurance law has been poor. For the responsible driver, carrying uninsured or underinsured insurance was a must. Thanks to the efforts of Governor Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, March, 2012 has seen a consensus bill pass through the Florida legislature and there's hope for the future.
Angry disagreements about how this should be tackled have often been a blight on the history of insurance so this can be considered to be a major victory. The first signs of improvement came in 2002 when the Florida law enforcement agencies began to collaborate with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to put more effective strategies in place to crack down on the amount of fraud. The Medical Fraud Task Force began to analyze the volume of claims submitted to Florida insurance companies. As you can imagine this was an enormously demanding task. However, over time, patterns were identified. At first only individuals were prosecuted. Then entire criminal organizations were taken down, sometimes including medical professionals who were colluding to provide fake reports in support of the claims. The first step in the reform package has been a requirement that all clinics be registered and have a licensed physician as the medical director. The second step requires an alleged accident victim to request treatment within 14 days and for a licensed physician to certify that this is an emergency response to an accident. Without this certificate, the claimant will not receive the full PIP benefit of $10,000. Only $2,500 will be paid. Given the Insurance Information Institute has evidence showing Florida leads the country in staging accidents, reducing the payout to $2,500 is not going to solve the problem. All it will do is generate longer queues in clinics and hospitals.
However, given that some reform is better than no reform, this is some progress. So long as the collaboration with the NICB continues to identify fraudulent claimants, the level of fraud will decline a little. Hopefully, in this breathing space, the Florida government can devise a better long-term solution. This level of fraud forces up the auto insurance quotes every year, burdening local drivers with ever higher rates to pay the fraudsters. HB19 is not a perfect law and not everyone got what they wanted, but auto insurance rates should stabilize as payouts are reduced. At least both the public and their representatives in the legislature are agreed something must be done. That's the first battle won.