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The Clothes Babies Need: How You can Help with a Practical Gift Basket

When you have a baby, the amount of clothes you have for the baby is very important. Remember, babies manage quite easily to get their clothes filthy, sometimes wearing 3-4 outfits a day. Not to mention that an infant will grow faster than you think, and new baby clothes are often needed. Mothers, fathers or guardians will find them doing markedly excess amounts of laundry once the baby has arrived. So try to give as many outfits as you can to really help them.

A great idea for a baby gift basket is to pile in the infant and toddler attire. Sure you can purchase baby clothes that will fit an infant like a glove as soon as the he or she is born. It will be nice for the mother, father or guardian to go out and show off her baby in great-fitting attire. Unfortunately these little ones grow fast, so if you are giving a baby gift basket at a baby shower, an assortment of sizes may be well appreciated.

Most mothers, fathers and guardians do not mind dressing the baby in clothing that is a bit too big. There is no doubt that it will not be too big for the baby pretty soon. In fact, most often once that he or she is crawling around, the size of the baby's clothes needed has multiplied.

If you are a mother you already know that the parent, parents or guardian(s) of this child will not believe how quickly a baby outfit can become of no use to them. It was a kind gesture to give them some clothes to start them off--but what do they do when the baby has outgrown everything? It does not take long--less than a year before even the big one-piece pajamas and too-big sweat suits have become too small.

To show that you appreciate this fact, it may be a good idea to include even a couple of toddler outfits for the baby gift basket.

And of course, a nice finishing touch for the baby gift basket may be something like little hats, babies can get cold and you never want a baby to be too exposed to the harsh weather, even if it just a little chilly outside, a hat is a perfect solution for the baby to keep warm. Most of our body heat is released through our heads when the weather is cold, so to cover the babies little, probably hairless, or practically hairless head is a very good idea. The same applies with coats, a baby will need both heavy and light coats for the colder season.

Parents or guardians will want to have lots of blankets, burp rags etc. These are more items that are quickly dirtied and need to be washed frequently. So if you would like to go for an attire theme for your friend or family member's baby shower, these are ideas that are very practical and very important, especially for a family without a whole lot of extra money to be throwing around on baby clothes.

How to Decide What Newborn Baby Clothes You Need

No matter how well prepared and confident parents-to-be appear on the surface, every one of them faces moments of nervousness in between all of the excitement. Preparing for the new arrival requires a lot of things to be considered, such as preparing the nursery, figuring out what help will be needed and buying more than enough newborn baby clothes.

As far as clothes are concerned, fortunately there are now lots of places to buy both clothes and baby equipment. The choice of clothes has certainly expanded since the 1970s when I had my children. Not only do stores like Target and Wal-Mart have special baby sections there are dedicated baby stores like Babies r Us so it is one stop shopping. Another resource is the Internet so you can choose everything for the new arrival in the comfort of your own home.

When you think about the necessary equipment you need for your baby you immediately think of car seat, stroller and crib. But equally important is also the question of what basic baby clothes will you need for the first few weeks? And how many of each item do you need?

Whether you are buying baby boy clothes or baby girl clothes there is no specified number of each garment that is essential. It is important to have enough of the basic baby clothes for a day or two so that you don't have to be constantly worrying about having to do the laundry every day.

Newborn babies can go through a surprising number of clothes changes in the course of a day so garments that are easy to get on and off make a lot of sense. So which clothes does it make sense to have? Here is a list of articles that are practical for the newborn:

* Make sure you have at least 5-10 snapsuits, either plain ones for use underneath pants and tops or the fancier ones as outerwear when its warmer.

* Use baby one piece sleeper suits in the first few weeks during the day - you'll need 5-10 of these.

* For use during those night-time diaper changes, have 4-5 baby gowns because they make the job a lot easier.

* 5-10 bibs - although babies don't take solid food they do have a tendency to drool and spit up.

* Buy a large amount of burp cloths so that your clothes can last for more than just one burp session!

* Keep baby's feet warm with socks, no matter how well the home is heated. You'll need 5 pairs of those.

* Decide which type of hat matches the weather you're likely to experience and get two of them.

* Keep baby warm with one baby coat, choosing the one you want that matches the season and the weather in your part of the world.

* Make drying baby easier by having two or three hooded baby towels.

* Avoid the scratches that babies are so good at inflicting on themselves by having at least two pairs of cotton mittens.

Please bear in mind that every baby's needs and habits are different and as a result the list of newborn baby clothes above cannot be exact. In particular, the frequency with which you wish to change your baby's clothes will affect the numbers.

Even so, I suggest that you use the list as a general guide so that the task of diaper changing and baby dressing is simple as possible. You can then supplement it with any additional outfits that you want for those extra special occasions.

SaleHoo's Wholesale Clothes - Babies' Clothes at Wholesale Prices Bring Great Profits Online

The clothing industry makes billions of dollars every year. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that many business owners want to have their share of the pie. But remember that there are many kinds of clothes and it is best to choose a niche market that you can focus on. In the clothing industry, selling babies' clothes online is a very profitable business.

Babies may be small but they have big needs. They need clothes that are soft and comfortable to protect their delicate skin. They need shirts, body suits, pajamas, jackets, sweater, etc. Parents usually buy clothes for them by the dozen, so you need to have a lot of stock on hand.

Infants grow very fast and they need new clothes every few months or so. That is why there is such a huge demand for babies' clothes. Infant clothes usually come in sizes for 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months old. This alone will show you how frequently they need new clothes.

If you sell baby clothes, make sure you have a wide variety of styles and cute designs and colors to choose from. Older babies also need shirts and shorts for boys and pretty dresses for girls.

There are many wholesale clothes suppliers selling infant clothing at very low prices. Some of their products are 50% to 70% below wholesale prices. You can find wholesale suppliers on SaleHoo who do not require a minimum order. However, you must remember that the bigger your order the bigger will be the discount. There are even many SaleHoo wholesalers who offer free shipping for a specified minimum purchase.

Babies' clothes are very easy to sell online especially at wholesale prices. Clothing sizes are very straightforward. When in doubt, parents can play it safe by ordering a bigger size clothing apparel and the baby will just grow into it.

When you sell babies' clothes, have some top-of-the-line items on hand also. Although they are more expensive, organic baby clothes are becoming popular because they are kinder on delicate skin. Also have baby blankets, layettes, towels, bibs, bonnets, and booties available. Gift packages for babies will also help boost your sales.

You don't even have to look for a different supplier to provide all of this. There's a big chance that your supplier of babies' clothing can also provide these items. With a wide variety of baby clothes and accessories to sell online, you can maximize profits in your online business.

Wholesale Baby Products: Baby Clothing

One of the greatest joys that life can bring to ourselves and the people around us is the birth of a new baby. Babies have this uncanny ability to make everything more hopeful and better and add a bit of happiness into all of our lives. And with the birth of a baby comes countless showers and holidays where you will buy gifts for these little bundles of joy. Or if you are a new mother, buying items for your baby is a constant occurrence, especially clothes. Babies practically grow every time they wake up from a nap so it is important to know where to buy these garments for wholesale prices so you can save money while still having all of the luxury and choice that you expect.

Wholesale baby products are great because these items can save any buyer lots of money. With the tough economic times that our country is facing, it can be hard to spend extra cash on the things that we want and sometimes on the things that we need. Because baby clothes are a necessary item for those who are lucky enough to have children, getting these garments at a low price can change the way that you shop. Wholesalers are often open to the public or have outlet stores where regular moms and family can shop for the items that they want or need for their children without having to pay the boutique mark-up prices. This creates incredible value on items that every family will need.

Wholesale baby clothes are not just boring or generic garments. These items are the same clothes that you might find in some of the top baby items retailers, they are just simply sold at wholesale pricing. Even designer clothing can be found for this low pricing, and for those mothers who find it important to dress their babies in the latest fashions and name brands, this can save them hundreds of dollars on clothing. These wholesalers provide the clothing for many of the most popular baby stores, so you can expect that they will have all of the products that you are looking for such as bibs and blankets, dresses, costumes, accessories, and even full infant bodysuits for the newborns in your life. And the clothing in these wholesale retailers is generally great quality, so you know that you will be dressing the baby in your life in safe and reliable clothing.

These baby product wholesale stores operate in a number of ways. There are baby retailer outlets, which are company-owned stores that carry the styles and fashions that they will no longer be carrying in their flagship stores. These are a great way to pick up quality clothing that simply is going out of season. This type of wholesale store can typically be found in an outlet mall. And then, there are retailers that are simply open to the public. Many companies have realized that times are tough for everyone, and they have opened their doors, mostly online, to everyone, so that the general public can enjoy their low prices.

However you chose to buy your wholesale baby clothes, you can be assured that by using these wholesalers, you will get quality products for great value, which saves you money and keeps the moms in your life happy.

Baby Clothing Gifts

Baby clothing gifts are the perfect gift for parents and for the babies themselves and this is something that the parents are going to be needing and buying in abundance. The reason for this is of course simply that their children are going to be constantly growing and that means that they are going to be constantly growing out of the clothes that fit them and needing replacements.

New parents of course are not rolling in cash - if nothing else having a baby is a highly expensive experience and they are going to be needing all the help they can get financially more so than ever before. By giving them baby clothes then you are greatly helping them and making life easier. Another reason that baby clothes are a great gift is simply that babies tend to ruin whatever they're currently wearing even more rapidly than adults can. For instance when they end up urinating or soiling their pants, or when they throw all their food down their tops. When this stains permanently there is little that most parents can do to salvage the situation and that means that they can end up looking like the most neglectful parents who let their children walk around in dirty clothes. Again they're going to love you for buying them something as thoughtful as baby clothes gifts.

At the same time though they will take a lot of joy in the opportunity to dress up their children and to give them nice clothes. This is one of the great appeals of having children - turning them into little people and imagining what they will be like when they're grown up. What better way to do so than to dress them up? Meanwhile parents love it when their little sprogs start to develop personalities that shine through and this can also be achieved with clothing as the clothes suddenly give the children that much more personality.

You do need to choose carefully though when you are buying baby clothes and this is something that you can get wrong if you're not careful. The first thing you need to consider is size. Make sure that you buy some clothing that is going to be large enough for the bay and make sure that you think ahead - if you are unsure of the size then buy big because of course the baby is always growing and that means that they will grow into the clothes that you give them.

Another thing to consider is quality. It's very important to buy good quality baby clothes, first because they are going to be put through the ringer with the child making such mess, but also because they have to be soft and comfortable. If you buy them bad quality clothes then the baby will be itchy or chaffing, or they will be too cold or hot. This then results in a screaming baby and suddenly you have two parents who aren't quite so grateful or necessarily singing your praises.

There is such a variety of things you can give as baby gifts. All of them are usually cute. I am of the age that lots of my friends are having kids and I usually just go for some cool baby clothing.

Clothing Products Offered by Baby Clothes Wholesalers

The options for clothing for babies are almost endless. There are so many styles, colors, and types available for the modern baby. Baby clothes wholesalers offer many unique wholesale baby products to fit any taste. What exactly do these suppliers have to offer? Here is a listing of some of the different types of garments that these wholesalers offer to consumers.

Infant Clothing

Baby clothes wholesalers offer thousands of options for clothing for infants, from newborns to babies only a few months old. Popular clothing options for children in this age group include small caps and hats and infant bodysuits that cover babies from head to toe, or sometimes leave the legs exposed. Regardless of your personal tastes, it is easy to find unique wholesale baby products to fit any style and any budget.

Toddler Clothing

Toddlers who experience rapid growth during the first few years of their lives can be taken care of by baby clothes wholesalers. This is the time in a child's life when separate pieces become more popular, and have to be purchased much more frequently. These wholesalers provide unique baby clothing products wholesale and offer fashionable looks for kids of all shapes and sizes. Some wholesalers even carry clothing from high-end designers, so using one of these suppliers to find clothing for your child is easy because they all offer so many options.


Often a forgotten clothing category, good costumes can be hard to find for children. Offering everything from comedic costumes to ones that will tug at anyone's heartstrings, baby clothes wholesalers sell a large variety of types of costumes for children of all ages and sizes.

Dress Clothing

Babies often attend the same functions that we do, and because of this, they need to be well dressed on occasion. Whether your child is attending a wedding or a funeral, it is easy to find unique wholesale baby products to fit your needs. From dresses to tuxedos, children's clothing can be just as fancy and nice as adult clothing. Baby clothes wholesalers offer many options that will make your child stand out in the crowd.

Special Purpose Clothing

Some young children participate in classes and activities that require them to have special clothing, such as dance or gymnastics. Toddlers even participate in activities like these, and having the right clothing to be able to participate is key. Some baby clothes wholesalers offer leotards, tutus, and rompers made specifically for children who participate in these activities. Unique wholesale baby products are always available for these activities that will help your child stand out while enriching their social and active lives.

Whether you are looking for everyday outfits for your child or for something special for him or her to wear to a wedding or even to a dance recital, there are tons of unique baby wholesale products available for your child's needs. Baby clothes wholesalers provide a one-stop shop experience for any shopper looking for baby or children's clothing, providing all types of clothes to satisfy any budget as well as any taste.