Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fashion Design Games

Fashion design games are now available. Here are some good picks.

Bratz fashion design game

Bratz, the popular funky dolls available on the market, allows little children to play dress up - but, of course, only with the dresses they have. The Bratz fashion game allows the user to dress up the dolls that make up the characters in the line of Bratz toys by combining different fashionable accessories and dresses with just a click of a mouse. So, if you know a child who loves Bratz dolls and fashion, this is the perfect game for them.

The Bratz fashion game is available in electronic form, as a board game, or as a makeover package. The electronic game can be played by a single player or by multiple users. During multiple games, players outdo each others' Bratz outfits for a "dance off where they dress up their favorite Bratz dolls and let them contend with each other in dance competitions.


The series of SIMS always encourages creativity in dressing the user's chosen character. At the start of every game, the user chooses the gender and then the character he/she thinks is most suitable. The game then provides options such as hair style, undershirt style that will fit well with the clothing, and even jacket choices. Shoes and pants are also available.

Kid Zone

Little designers can also start with a game called Kid Zone. In the paper doll section, these are printout paper dolls including the different outfits and accessories. This can be a good alternative if the child is too young to understand the computer or play the video game. There is even a Britney Spears section where players can dress up Britney in various outfits and apply different makeup to give her a unique look.

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